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    Default Solar Power

    My tracking solar panel Selling the power to the Local utility
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    Default Re: Solar Power

    Well done! Details?

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    Default Re: Solar Power

    Looks good, you did my dream project.

    I was looking into that years ago. If I lived in Austin Texas it would have been worth it with the rebate the Electric Company giving for the panels. The payback was estimated to be 17 years.

    But the Electric co-op I'm in gave no rebate and would charge for a extra meter and bought back the electricity at a low rate making the payback never happen.

    Their moto was "We need a reliable source of electricity when the sun does not shine, therefore we will make it just another expense for you". Then they go to schools and talk about green energy. ?????

    Hopefully things will change and the Co-op will be more cooperating.
    I have an excellent metal south facing roof for an array of panels or would I need ground tracking to make it pay.

    Would you mind sharing the cost involved and the number of years your before your payback on your investment? Was your Electric Company cooperative?

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    Default Re: Solar Power

    Please continue. This is very informative. I belong to a CO-OP.
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    Default Re: Solar Power

    Hmmm, i had mine calculated to take nearly 35 years to pay for itself. Our power is only $0.065/HKH ... i guess thats the problem. Needless to say i never have built it... and never will
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    Default Re: Solar Power

    Quote Originally Posted by grsthegreat View Post
    Hmmm, i had mine calculated to take nearly 35 years to pay for itself. Our power is only $0.065/HKH ... i guess thats the problem. Needless to say i never have built it... and never will
    We pay just over twice that. And I know some places the rate goes up in tiers. If you can keep out of that top tier (I think the 4th tier at my Aunt's is $0.27/kWH) it can pay back pretty well.

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    Default Re: Solar Power

    I just found Koycera 235W pannels for $1.60/W at High Power Solar Panels - Over 100 Watts
    I didn't check the rebates yet but it might be doable and even profitable project.

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