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    I didn't realize that they still had new car showings anymore. I used to look forward to the October presentations. Now with the half year models and 2013s coming out in early 2012, it all seems so senseless. I don't mind the exterior color offerings as I go for the old traditional colors of red or white, But I don't like the interior offerings. It seems that everything is black or dark gray. Few tans are offered, and only on the upscale models. To me, new cars are a total turnoff.
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    Try and buy a new Lounge suite in Australia... Black or Brown and maybe dark green. Add a couple of thousand or more if you want a different colour in leather and wait up to 3 months for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gem99ultra View Post
    You only had to compare one ride in a Sedan Delivery vs Panel Truck back then ;-) The Panel was a trucker's truck. And the Suburban had the same suspension. The Panel & Suburban's rode like a wagon.

    Isn't it strange that GM will title a Suburban as a truck or as a 'car'? At least they did in Texas. I suppose it depended on your intended use or your whim.

    It's nice to learn that we have a good number of car enthusiast here on TBN.
    I suppose my handle "2LaneCruzer" gave me away; I have a '59 and a '60 Impala. We attend quite a few car shows every year and enjoy seeing the scenery on the old 2 lane roads. I've found that car people are for the most part, good people.
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    [QUOTE=JDgreen227;2867329] brother purchased a third hand '65 ragtop with the OEM 396 and factory side pipes back in '85 for a really good price and he traded it even up 4 yrs later for a '74 coupe with an automatic because his then-wife couldn't drive the stick in the '65. He has been kicking himself every since.

    Those old big blocks are in super demand. I have a 66 427 / 425 coupe, black / black interior. She is a beast with 4 speed, positraction, and a radio. Spent four years on a drag strip and slept the last 41 years. Hopefully be on the road again this summer. There is a never ending style to those old C-2 coupes. Course the two split windows parked next to it are not bad either.

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