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    I am 50, and just started getting poison ivy in the last 4-5 years. Still don't get it bad. I used to rub it all over to prove a point. What I get now is a very mild case, comparable in discomfort to a minor sunburn.

    I won't hesitate to use cotton gloves and set out with the weedeater and cut it down / pull vines etc. I know that I will get a few rash pimples, but nothing major. I put calamine lotion on them for a couple of days and it doesn't bother me. Now, I do practice good hygiene - and will thoroughly wash up afterwards.

    On the other hand, mosquito and chigger bites can send me off a cliff they itch so bad. The applying heat from a hair dryer seems to kill the itch. Thanks to TBN for that lifesaver.

    Someone asked what to use to kill poison ivy. I use a brush killer such as Ortho Brush B Gone. Regular weed killer won't touch it. Has to be a brush killer. One application and the vines die for me. Now is a good time to apply.

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    Default Re: There is poison ivy, and there is POISON IVY

    That is one weird thing about urushiol, you are not getting more imune with exposure, you are actually loosing your imunity with every exposure.


    I was put on Earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Now I'm so far behind, I'll never die!

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