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Went out in the back pasture
Where I'm in control, I'm the master
All the animals here belong to me
I decide who can rest under my shade tree

I will relax outside today
Enjoy a cool breeze and a shade
I'll pretend I don't see what's coming my way
Across that field of freshly cut hay

Something that wants to challenge my crown
Looks like it may come to a showdown
Slow walking short legged black cat
With a white racing stripe down her back

She is headed to my location
May come down to an altercation
Need to show her who owns this land
But I could be a nice man

Move across the field to another spot
Where there's another tree and she not
Wouldn't mind sharing
But I'm not that daring

That's why Mother Nature can be so bold
Because she doesn't have a nose
It's nice to be wise and old
I can smell which way the wind blows

Although this may be my favorite tree
I look over my shoulder and I can see
She has no fear of me
I'm out matched and I will leave