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    Default Re: Couple of red foxes

    Great shots. Is that just a trail that they are walking down or is there another reason you put the camera there?


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    Default Re: Couple of red foxes

    There are two fields side by side, one is shorter tan the other and is on a higher plane, separated by a wooded hedgerow. Any critter in the top field either walks the end along the woods, or the side of the field along the hedge row, once they get to the corner the slope down to the lower field acts much like a funnel from either direction along the two side of the upper field adjacent to the woods, there is a game trail through the hedgerow in that corner that offers the path of least resistance into the lower field. This game cam is looking away from the upper field and facing the tail end of the game trail pointing towards the lower field. In the bob cat image, the Arse of the cat shows he left the upper field and moving left with about 50 yards of the lower field left before he hits the woods and creek, his partner must have paralleled the hedge row between the fields. So I suspect the where pushing the hedge row together much like we would do for rabbits or birds, the arse cat was forced down the game trail as he ran out of field on the upper side due to it being shorter in length, and he's lazy..taking the path of least resistance, or he was funneled and failed to recognize it.
    From this spot over the past 2 months, I have images of 2 redfoxes almost in the same positions as the bobcats, one grey fox, rabbits, porcupine, opossum, 3 different buck, numerous doe, and a few more common critters. No bears yet, but they been in my bird feeder last fall. I really want a mountain lion and a fisher. This cam is 100 yards behind my home.
    I could sit there all day though during buck season and not see anything, but during the night, it a different world.
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