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    Default Re: If you can remember these, you are older than dirt

    Quote Originally Posted by bullbreaker View Post
    It didn't take you but 2 minutes to read and answer my question. Howdy Farmgirl ! You sure are quick on the draw.

    That's a good depiction! I am blonde too! So, I know how to accept the jokes, even here at TBN! Just don't be upset if I throw in a few of my own.

    Howdy back, Bull!

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    Default Re: If you can remember these, you are older than dirt

    Quote Originally Posted by farmgirl19 View Post
    I didn't burn mine. I threw them over the balcony of my dorm, when the guys came around on "panty raids"!
    Did they have a sturdy rope attached?
    50 years behind the times
    Livin in a
    Worn out skin bag filled with rattlin bones

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    Default Re: If you can remember these, you are older than dirt

    Quote Originally Posted by don45640 View Post
    Can't identify with the booze part of this thread,since I never bought a bottle of any,but there WAS one thing about `72 I remember.
    Well,JDGreen,you had a good wage in `72 at 3.17,ESPECIALLY if it was early `72. I was working a short stint in a grocery store as a stock clerk when everything went to Hades in a hand-basket as far as prices.I was working the `taxables' aisle(non-food,but soap and things)when the prices started doubling and tripling.
    ANYONE remember that? Nixon was president. I was 20 yrs. old and married.Toilet tissue went from 21 cents a 4-pack Charmin to 53 cents or more.Soap powder more than doubled. People that had money in the bank lost a tidy amount to inflation. don-ohio
    Hired in with the State of Michigan (Social Services, Facilities Management) as a bottom-level laborer (truck driver and furniture mover) back then. I was one of the LOWEST paid state employees in any division, the secretaries who pushed typewriter keys and made copies earned more than I did.

    Oh, you guys who are posting in this thread are making me laugh so hard my sides hurt, I had no idea posting a picture would make others remember so many things...
    Rather than worry about the things you want but don't have, be grateful for the things you don't want and don't have.

    I didn't plan to do much of anything today, but by noon I was almost half done.

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    Default Re: If you can remember these, you are older than dirt

    What about TJ Swan? It came in a few flavors, Mellow Days, Easy Nights, Magic Moments, Stepping Out. There may have been more.

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