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    Default Re: PT 425 vs 1430 ? Input requested

    Attached is a photo of three different kind of tractor tires:

    Here are some designators:

    R1 -- Ag tire. Also may be called lug or bar.

    R2 -- Ag tire for rice paddies.

    R3 -- Turf tire.

    R4 -- Industrial tire. Also called loader or skid steer tire. Also may be called lug or bar.

    Note that R1 and R4 tires may be called the same thing, lug or bar. It depends on who is doing the talking. Also, the pattern of all types can vary widely depending on the maker and exact application.

    Hope this helps more than it confuses.
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    Default Re: PT 425 vs 1430 ? Input requested

    The tires are from PT; I have less than 8 hours on the clock due to a blown wheel motor, and life being busy.

    They aren't quite as agressive as a standard tractor tire (R1), but they have only lost traction on loose gravel on steep slopes. Personally, I think I would have needed chains to hold where I have had trouble, but the lower ground pressure of turf tires would definitely be a help.

    For snow plowing, they should be just fine. (The 1445 weighs in at 3950lbs, so you'll have traction.)

    And, yes, I agree, it is all about ply ratings; the PT turfs are 2ply.

    Attached is a front view of the tire.

    All the best,


    Quote Originally Posted by RegL
    I agree. When I replace my tires, I will look for the highest ply turfs I can find.
    Peter, what kind of tread do you have on those skid steer tires? Most that I have seen don't look like they would be good plowing snow on pavement or frozen ground. I know the bar treads didn't work out as good as the turfs. Did you get the skid steer tires from PT?
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    Default Re: PT 425 vs 1430 ? Input requested

    i havetried the 425and found it to be a little to small. Nice unit but i have 6 acre campground and don't have near work you have and i would not have to think twice as to which pt to get. I am sooooo!!!!! Impressed with my 1430. I am also very glad i have the four&one bucket. The mini hoe is also nice after a little time in the saddle, if ya know what i mean. For what this is all worth,Dale

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