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    Default Homemade quick attach plates

    Given the high cost of quick attach plates ($150 for the 422/425), I would like to challenge people to come up with their own designs and post them here. I have one (I have discussed it before), that is a little on the light weight side, but so far it has had no issues. I would also like any comments on where they think my QA plate is weak and how to improve it.

    Has anyone had plates made commercially. I had a friend who had six made, two for his father and he sold me two at $25 a piece. I don't know what he paid for them. Is anyone other than PT selling them?

    I have attached pictures of mine. In one picture I have tied the QA plate to a tree and used it to create the PT pucker.
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    Default Re: Homemade quick attach plates

    I knew I should have taken those PT parking lessons...

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    Default Re: Homemade quick attach plates

    I got a recent quote from Lackender of $150 vs. $175 from PT. At those prices, I would just go with PT. I would buy some extra plates if I could find them for a good price. Maybe we should do a "group buy" if others are interested. I would buy 2 or 3 at $100 or 6 to 7 at $75. If they were cheap enough, I'd even start mounting them on the trash cans.

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