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    Default where does PT advertise?

    I own a PT and am glad I found this forum of other PT owners. I've wondered though, does Power Trac advertise? I think they would do well to get exposure on HGTV for example. Do they advertise anywhere? I feel like a lot of people would like to know about this great machine.


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    Default Re: where does PT advertise?

    They have in the past attended tractor and equipment shows around the country. They bring a complete assortment of tractors and attachments which one can operate outside, digging and changing attachments. This was a real help for me as well as getting my wife to use the machine. With the economy as it is, it appears they have elected to drop these shows around the country as they are not listed in the web page. My first contact with a PT was on ebay where there was a new 418 (no attachments) listed and picture. This picture really intrigued me and as they had listed the web site I found the other models. Marketing for the best bang is always very hard to judge. It would seem to me that PT did a very smart move by listing on ebay the 418 which opened up their products to the world at a very low cost. Then MossRoad made his web page available and I was hooked for good.
    TBN is a major player for PT as well as other brands but like any product or information source the public has to know you are there. This is where we as TBN members come in. I tell everyone I come into contact with to check out TBN and MossRoads home page.

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