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    Default Replacement wheels?

    I am looking for an extra set of 12 inch wheels for my PT 425. The old wheels are 12 x 8.50 and I am using the Carlisle 23 x 10.50 x 12 'Super Lug" 4 ply tires. I want a sets of six ply or better because I get too many flats from branches, etc. in the brush and woods.

    The wheels on the John Deere 500 and Cub Cadet 'appear' to be the same but we don't have any dealers around here to confirm and I will need to mail order.

    Does anyone know of alternative replacements to the pricey Power-Trac options and also cheaper sources.

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    Default Re: Replacement wheels?

    The 5-lug on 4.5" center bolt pattern is standard for the 12" garden tractor wheels of all brands -- the differences are in the width of the wheel, and the offset or backspacing. Note that there are 4-bolt patterns for 12" wheels that are common also, especially on golf carts, etc.

    The offset is the difference in the distance from the mounting hub to the edges of the wheel. If they specify something like a 5+2, it means it's a 7" wheel with 5" on one side of the mounting hub and 2" on the other.

    Other manufacturers define it as backspacing. A 4" backspacing on an 7" wheel means that the hub is near the center, with 3" on the front and 4" on the back.

    If you'll measure backspacing (or offset) on the PT, you should be able to find a set of good used garden tractor wheels for it, for much less than new. This guy, a reputable dealer, has 7" new replacement wheels from Carlisle for $81 each. Call 800-427-5558. I don't know if he can get the wider ones or not.

    You could also try Sears...
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