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    Default Re: pt425 shutting off

    Thanks guys for all the suggestions. I checked the fuel pump and it seems to work, but not sure if its producing enough pressure. I did change the fuel filter and it didn't seem to help. Today I filled up the gas tank and ran it for a good 2 hours without a hitch. Maybe the pressure from the extra gas helps? Tomorrow I am going to check to see if the fuel is getting into the heads and maybe clean the carb.

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    Default Re: pt425 shutting off

    Clumber's advice about looking for debris in the nipple on the bottom of the fuel tank is a good idea. It seems almost every PT user here at one time or another has had an issue with plastic shavings stuck in the plastic 90 degree nipple on the bottom of the fuel tank. You can't see them until you take it apart.

    Of course, that should be noticeable, since the fuel filter would be mostly emptied when the engine stalled.
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    Default Re: pt425 shutting off

    Quote Originally Posted by Clumber View Post
    My PT 425 was doing the same. Finally traced to tiny bits of debris in the fuel just big enough to block the intake hole in the fuel filter, but not be visible. A suggestion is to remove the fuel filter again and blow compressed air into the out-take end to blow any debris out the other end. There was bits of debris in the fuel tank -- had to drain and vacuum it out. One of my old fuel cans was the source.

    The PT would run for a while then quit when the filter was blocked. Minutes later debris would dislodge and the PT would start and run for a while then stop again... I now keep spare fuel filters in the tub to keep it running when I am using the tractor far from the shop. The issue has not repeated since.
    I have had all of these, bit I have the robin engine.
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    Default Re: pt425 shutting off

    On my PT1850, kept dying on me. After a while, I could start it back up. Ended up being crud in the diesel tank. Blew back the line and it has worked fine since.

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