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    Default Crack in the tub

    Well, it's back.

    When I got my pt there was always a wet spot where the lid meets the oil tub. I thought it was related to diesel dripping down from fill ups.

    3 years ago I looked hard at the issue and noticed a crack. I took it to the local welder and for a princely sum he welded it up. Now the crack is hairline and runs down the tub marbe half an inch.

    Well, it's back. So I went to my neighbor who is a heavy machine mechanic, he chuckled, said he felt it was a design flaw ( a high stress area not well reinforced). He and I will re weld the crack, then put angle iron from the edge of the tank to mid tub.

    Will get photos as we go.
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    Default Re: Crack in the tub

    Sorry to hear about your problems.
    As far as "design flaws", everything is a compromise and a chance to keep the prices down so they can sell enough units to make enough money to build more units so they can sell more units to pay their bills. Simple business and anytime something goes wrong, it is easy to see it as hindsight and how it could have been better designed. The company engineer might have known about it, but weighed in the lessor chance of it failing compared to what it would cost to go back to square one after the unit was put into production. OR they might have figured they could make a bunch of money selling replacement parts as the original parts failed. No way to know for sure, but either way it doesn't make it any easier on you. Thank goodness for great neighbors and friends!
    Looking forward to seeing some pictures so we can all see what went wrong.
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    Default Re: Crack in the tub

    Im assuming it cracked in a different spot?

    Can't wait for the picts.

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    Default Re: Crack in the tub

    my 2 cents ; take it back and make the welder do the job correctly !!! it should never break in the same spot if the repair was done correctly, I wish I had a nickel for every weld repair that I have fixed over the years from poor workmanship/craftsmanship , our school systems are not helping to train young adults to be competent in the metal trades (classes dropped due to fear of liability lawsuits and bodily injury) but back to subject at hand the crack must be ground out completely than backer plate installed and ground out area rewelded otherwise it will crack again , most mig welding machines will only penetrate metal to a depth of .100'' at best depending on thickness of welding wire and power of machine, that is not sufficient for your application to simply run a stringer bead to fix the crack (in case your curious I have been welding for 20+ years and AWS certified) best of luck with the repair

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