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    Default Mower angle stop bolt PT-425

    As discussed elsewhere, when you pick up a mower (finish or brush), even with attachment plate rolled all the way back, the mower deck angles down such that the front wheels of the mower touch and the rear of the deck is like a foot off the ground. This makes hacking off the top of tall weeds (or my case the regrowth of honeysuckle shoots after having cut down the bush with a chainsaw) impossible.

    So like others in this forum I entertained the idea of moving the front stop bolt to level the deck, but didn't like the idea of drilling holes in the mower attachment bar. So instead I drilled a hole in a small length of 1-1/2" angle iron and used the existing front bolt to attach it.
    Mower angle stop bolt PT-425-angleironstop-jpg
    This small bit of distance levels the mower deck plus the angle iron provides more surface area against the mower attachment bar. Bonus!
    Mower angle stop bolt PT-425-levelmower-jpg.
    As I was mowing today with the attachment plate angled in the "middle" I didn't notice any loss of rotation. If that becomes a problem, I would just roll the attachment plate to give more play in that direction (e.g. mowing up or down a ditch).

    I am still considering drilling a hole through the hole that PowerTrac drilled in the center of the mower attachment bar and inserting a hitch pin to make cleaning under the deck easier. Though there really isn't much build up under there, so not critical.

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    Default Re: Mower angle stop bolt PT-425

    Congrats, that's a clever fix. I never liked that I could see the blades when I had to lift the mower even a small amount. Let us know if you have any restriction going up and down a steep embankment in float mode.
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    Default Re: Mower angle stop bolt PT-425

    That's intersting. Mine is a little different. If I curl the deck back, it is mostly level. Your geometry must me different with the higher lift capacity than my 2001 model PT425.

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