This has probably been discussed elsewhere, but the type of grass/soil makes all the difference in choosing a mower. I have dry/gravelly soil and my lawn is actually a previous hayfield....large hefty grass blades with roots down a foot or so. So my PT425 wheels (and mower wheels) do not leave any indents in the soil and barely bends over the grass. I have the finish deck set to the maximum height both for healthier "grass" and to avoid scalping.

(The lawn at my previous house was basically silt and always wet. So even walking on it would leave indents! I couldn’t go anywhere near it with my New Holland TC-40 lest I leave big ruts.)

As a favor I took the PT over to my neighbor's house who mows her lawn with a small Deere lawn tractor at like 1". Her lawn was created with a fine topsoil and has thin bladed grass. She thought her lawn was too long (her Deere wouldn't start) at 2". I realized my deck was way too high, but moreover the PT425 wheels were acting like a "grass compactor" and I realized she wouldn't be happy with me even if I lowered the deck. Remember there is not much vacuum with the PT finish mower deck beyond the air tip blades, so any grass blade folding won't be sucked up vertically on the next pass.

So I came back with my 42" walkbehind mower (a DR brush with the finish mower attachment), which weighs like 350 lbs and has tires half the width of the PT's. Versus the PT, which weighs at least four times that much. The DR barely bent the grass and it has a decent upward vacuum to help reduce the folded grass. And the DR, though not a true ZTR, is way more maneuverable than the PT425. And she has lots of curvy gardens.

So I don't think the question "425 or 1430" can be answered without understanding what turf/ground you are mowing.

As a comparison look at a Hustler walk behind (Hustler Turf Products - Commercial Mowers - TrimStar). Its rear tires are about the width of the Pt425 tires but the machine weighs half as much.

I only mow my own lawn, but I would be reluctant to mow any other person's fine lawn with either the PT425 let alone the 1430. Just too heavy (and only an average quality cut and not easy to maneuver around things). But for my heavy duty lawn it works well enough, as I am not that picky about how it looks.