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    Default Power Trac People, Lend A Hand Please

    Take a look at this TBN thread please. I brought up the Power Trac as a possible good option for the OP's situation, and someone who doesn't understand them is trying to shoot my suggestion down. I've posted links to a few pics, but could use a little help.

    If you have pics of a PT working in steep or rugged wooded terrain, or something like that, could you post a link to it in that thread.


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    Default Re: Power Trac People, Lend A Hand Please

    The problem is you made your suggestion in the land known as Fort Kioti, then got into an argument with an ignorant person making off-the-cuff comments about a machine he knows nothinng about.

    Just as that one person poo pood the Power Trac, so did multiple Green, Blue and Korange fanatics poo poo the Kioti line. All machines have their place. Its just not a good idea to press your views on a different brand in a brand specific forum. Make the suggestion and leave it alone. Most savvy TBN members know which crackpot comments to ignore and there is no need to respond to them.

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