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    Default Power trac p t 2460

    Thinking of buying a pt2460 to dig footings for a large steel building. Would this be a wise choice for such a large job?

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    Default Re: Power trac p t 2460

    I have dug several trenches that were 4' down in clay/shale soil that were 150' plus in length. And that was with a mini hoe. So it is very doable. Obviously, you should not buy a PT2460 if that was all you wanted it for though.

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    While you might want to elaborate on what you mean by large, i.e. what size, and how deep the footings need to be, I agree with Ken, if this is the only task, there may be better choices out there. e.g. I know someone who bought a used telephone company truck, used it's large auger and put in piers very quickly, but he was only doing 30" diameter piers, and he had a bulldozer to level the building pad first.

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    Default Re: Power trac p t 2460

    If that is all you are going to use it for, I would rent a mini excavator for a few days, or a weekend.

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