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    Default Comparison of a PT to a Steiner or Ventrac

    For those of you that have been fortunate to have owned both a Steiner/Ventrac and a Power-Trac, how would you compare the different tractors and their attachments?

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    Default Re: Comparison of a PT to a Steiner or Ventrac


    If you do a search, you will find that there have been several threads that have gone into some detail on this topic. The short answer is: Apples & Oranges. Steiner/Ventrac = mower that can do some other stuff including limited loader work. PT = loader that can do some other stuff including limited mowing. Steiner & Ventrac have servicing dealers, and you pay for that. PT has no dealers, and you pay for that in a different way.

    Hope that helps.

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    Had a steiner 420 with mower deck, slip scoop and a leaf blower until it got stollen. Slip scoop worked but to small and tractor could only lift 300 lbs. I personally like my PT mower deck better than the steiners. It crabbed sideways to much on hills. The big roller was what put the lines in the grass. I suppose you could fab something to do that with the PT. The only thing I can think of is the steiner could pull a lot in low gear if it got the traction but now I just pick it up with the bucket or pallet forks. I have absolutely no regrets getting the PT and would buy it again in a heart beat. By the way I converted the leaf blower to work with the PT, it is the only thing that didn't get stollen and it works awesome.

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