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    Default Supertrapp Question for Phils

    In your post on the Supertrapp mufflers, I don't think I ever saw this problem addressed. Did the addition of the muffler solve the problem of burning up grass with the hot exhaust when you sit in one spot for more than a few seconds? From looking at it on their website, it appears that it diverts the hot air flow out to the sides enough that it should make a big difference. Also, has it done any damage to the paint on the side of the tub or to the rear tire?

    I know that Phils' PT had the round exhaust tip, has anyone added the Supertrapp to a tractor with the square exhaust outlet? Any tips on how it was accomplished? Thanks in advance for all the great advice that will soon come pouring in.

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    Default Re: Supertrapp Question for Phils

    I didn't even know there was a problem of burning the grass under the muffler.... since mine is "redirected" I guess it's not a problem for me. I don't know whether "damage" has been done to the paint -- it's black from exhaust but I haven't tried to clean it or anything. There was some exhaust blackening even before installing the Supertrap and neither instance caused me any concern. Haven't noticed any problem with heat on the tire. After the exhaust passes through those discs I think it is significantly cooler than otherwise.

    As far as your square exhaust outlet, I think it would be easiest to cut that off and weld the supertrap directly to the main body of the stock muffler. Lucky for me I had a round outlet, as I'm not exactly an expert welder.


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