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    Default For sale: 1997 Gravely 20G package

    1997 Gravely 20G - 20HP Kohler twin w/ electro-hydraulic lift.

    Price: $5500


    Johnny Bucket Jr. w/ optional power-dump add-on, optional bucket-doubler add-on and optional toothbar.

    Johnny Bucket Plow Jr. (never taken out of box - never used)

    Mounting frame for Johnny Bucket attachments

    44" old-style Gravely snowblower

    Gravely ftont-PTO drive kit..

    Also have hardware (including QH) that goes with front-drive that can allow use of Gravely 4-bolt and QH walkbehind attachments on the front of this tractor.

    Rear wheel weights (Wheelhorse brand but they are correct for 23" rear wheels).
    Take off the Wheelhorse decal and nobody would know any better.

    Rear tire chains.

    My father bought the 20G used in 2003 with 150 hours. The guy he bought it from only used it to plow snow. He paid someone to cut his lawn. It came with the Gravely plow blade, but he hated it and sold it after the first season he had it. He picked up the 44" blower (used) and ran that the few times we got snow that season. He's got alot of tight spaces and really had nowhere to blow the snow safely so he got the Johnny Bucket stuff. He ended up just using the bucket for snow removal and left the plow in the box.

    He owns a Gravely Pro14 walkbehind and uses that to mow, so the 20G only saw snow duty each year for the most part, which until this year wasn't much in this area. He's got a blade for the Pro14, so he'd occasionally just use that to handle the snow instead of breaking out the 20G.

    He did move some dirt with the Johnny Bucket and grade an area after a few trees were taken out also.

    He bought the front-drive kit for it to run the snowblower. The other hardware for running the walkbehind attachments was never used. He got the front drive kit and all the other hardware as part of a package. Some of it was lightly used, some was brand new NOS. He intended to front-mount a 50" mower deck but
    that never materialized.

    It's a great machine and he's been happy with it, but he is currently shopping for a compact tractor with a loader and rear brush mower.

    So, the 20G need a new home with someone who will enjoy such a great machine.

    I've got my own Gravely Pro16 walkbehind, otherwise I'd want it for myself.

    In the 6+ years he had it, he only put 100 hours on it. It's in excellent condition and looks great. The Johnny Bucket is in great shape. He's always touched up every little nick in it to keep it from getting rusty. If he was going to keep it, it was probably going to get Line-X'ed.

    The 44" blower is in good shape. It's older, but works good. The rubber part of the chute probably could stand to be replaced as it's become real stiff/brittle with age. But the rest of it is real solid.

    About 2 years (20 hours) ago, he took it to the local Gravely dealer for a full servicing. They adjusted everything, tuned it up, etc.

    Tractor has 253 hours on it as of a few weeks ago. It might have a little more if it gets moved around when I get a chance to take pictures of it.

    I'm working to get pictures of it.

    Also included is a Curtis cab for Gravely G-series tractors but it is not complete. It's not complete. The front mounting pieces are there but not the rears. No side doors. Has a glass windshield. Bought it from a guy on eBay who flat-out lied about it. Curtis had discontinued these many years ago. But, the seller claimed he called Curtis and they said parts were still available. When we called Curtis, they had to track down the only guy who worked for them back in the day when they made them. He said they no longer had parts for it and you'd have to fabricate something.
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    Default Re: For sale: 1997 Gravely 20G package

    Do you still have this tractor for sale? Could it be shipped to Alberta?

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