I have several kubota TA040-93220 Inner Air Filters that fit L2900, L 3010, L3410, L3600, L3710, L4200, and L4310 series tractors and some Exmark CH18, CH20 etc. mowers with Kubota engines. These regularly sell for over $14.00 each, I will sell them for $10.00 each. All are in perfect condition in Kubota factory boxes.
Replaces the below Part numbers as well.

I also have 12 Kubota 16631-43560 (replaced by HH166-43560) fuel filters that fit M110, M120, MM6800, M8200, M8580, M8950, M9580, and M9500 series tractors with spin on fuel filters. These have very shop worn outer boxes but filters are factory shrink wrapped in plastic. These normally sell for over $24.00 each, I will sell these for $16.00 each or buy all 12 for $144.00.

I will ship as many filters as you want for a flat $10.00 which makes these a quick sale when you consider no sales tax is involved. Please double check your fitment, no time for refunds.

Send me a PM or email to subguns@swbell.net.