Hey guys/gals,

Selling my kubota tractor. I've had it for about 8 months and it's in an excellent condition. It has just over 5 hours on it (you can verify on the display). It just has some non-damaging scrapes to the front loader's sharp edge and to the box scraper's teeth, due to light use, obviously. It has no other cosmetical damage or any mechanical defects at all. Selling it because my financial situation has changed and I can no longer afford to have it. Otherwise, it's an excellent tractor. That front loader can lift quiet a bit. I was able to lift an old large trailer with it and load it into the back of a dump truck like it was a feather (I didn't think it'd be able to accomplish it, honestly). Yet, the tractor is small enough to maneuver in and out of horse stalls.

Here are the specs:

Tractor model: BX2360RV with R4 Tires and a loader valve.
Front loader: LA243 front loader and 48" bucket.
Scraper: Gearmore BSL-48 48" box scraper.

Selling it for $15,000 or better offer. It's under retail value for the setup and you won't have to pay taxes since it's a private sale. It still has warranty on it. I have a newborn, so my financial side of life has changed a little bit -- that's the only reason I'm selling it.

It runs like a charm, hasn't been abused. No rust, since it has been stored under horse stall area. It has been turned on every week to make sure that engine gets the proper lubrication and everything runs. You'll get a chance to test it when we arrange everything to make sure that it works exactly like it's supposed to. It has all the original user manuals and documentation.

Send me an email if you're interested and we'll go from there. I'll let you come over and test/inspect it.

Kubota BX2360RV w/ Front Loader and Back Scraper (,000 or B/O) (5.1 hours only).-2012-09-03_14-53-15_172-aKubota BX2360RV w/ Front Loader and Back Scraper (,000 or B/O) (5.1 hours only).-2012-09-03_14-53-30_789-aKubota BX2360RV w/ Front Loader and Back Scraper (,000 or B/O) (5.1 hours only).-2012-09-03_14-53-48_28-a

Pick-up is preferred, but I can probably arrange for someone to tow it to your location if it's close enough. I don't have a truck/trailer myself.

As far as payments, paypal (safest/best for both of us?), wire transfer, cash(?) that's a lot of cash, is all good... if it's check or money order I would have to make sure those clear through the bank first, so that I wouldn't get scammed myself.