I have a s370 Beaver that had a belly mower on it and I now have a pto rear mower and have the front electric pto mower system for sale. The system I have is a set up I made from a 25hp rated electric pto pulley from a common large mower deck. The front electic pto set up has served me well for 3 years but do not need it now. The shaft that mounts to the front of the engine was welded but performs well with no vibration, The system has the two idler pulleys and tension bar as well, this is very heavy but would ship to you or you can stop by and pick it up near Attica Indiana, I do not want much but you would have to pay shipping and that would probably cost 50 to 75 dollars I would think throw in another 50 bucks and its your's Call me at 1-765-572-2276 if you like before 9pm est or email me at fleabag1@tds.net