I have a couple questions about my very used and abused loader on ford 1600.

1. This has 2 joysticks for loader operation, every once in a while when loader is being lifted it actually lowers the loader, by the intermittant problem I am asuming a valve in the joystick is leaking by? I would like too go too A 1 stick loader valve does anyone have any suggestions on which one too go with and does anyone have any pics after their change was complete?

2. Loader is a bit un even at the bucket, meaning cutting edge is un level, now the bucket seems too be in bad shape being wlded on where the mounting brackets are. I would like too determine weither its the bucket or the loader arms. If I take bucket off will or should the loader arms be level? And is it possible to get a used bucket or a quickattach plate for this loader?

Okay so its more than a couple questions? HaHa