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    Default What can you use to firm up a seedbed..........

    and cover grass seed in a new pasture if you don't have a culitpacker?

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    Default Re: What can you use to firm up a seedbed..........

    we use a six foot water filled roller

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    Default Re: What can you use to firm up a seedbed..........

    Plain old rain will work the best. A smooth roller will work, but not nearly as well as a cultipacker. Plus, I'm guessing you don't have one since you're asking.

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    Default Re: What can you use to firm up a seedbed..........

    Before I had a cultipacker I just dragged a piece of chain link fence or an old hog panel. To firm loose soild I add a heavy 8' log on top of the drag and cover the area several times from all directions. Then I remove the weight before seeding. I seed at 1/2 rate, drag area, seed second layer, and drag again. Both times dragging slow and light. Then let the rain settle it in as MMagis suggested. If the soil is moist when seeding, the cultipacker will promote earlier germination. If the soild is dry I haven't noticed any difference with or without a cultipacker.

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