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    Default Seeding newly cleared land

    Howdy, folks. We're getting about 13 acres at the top of our lot stumped and graded this month. Eventually, with luck, we'll get a house built in the middle of this part of our land. This is in southern NH.

    I'll need to seed it right after the grading and I have some questions about that. Eventually, about 40 % of this area will be fenced pasture for our Highland cattle pasture ornaments, maybe a couple of donkeys or whatever else comes down the pike. The rest of the area will just be field that I expect to bushhog. We're not thinking of hayfields.

    1) What to seed it with? The contractor mentioned he's had good luck with a "conservation mix" as a starter for freshly cleared land.

    2) How best to seed it? Broadcast seeder from the back of my kubota L3130? Or use a seed drill or overseeder implement (if I can find one to rent)?

    3) Does it have to be covered after seeding? If so, with what? We hate the idea of throwing hay over it, because where we live now we got bedstraw as a result of a contractor covering our leach field with after seeding. Nothing eats that bedstraw and it is prolific and invasive.

    thanks, bws

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    Default Re: Seeding newly cleared land

    I've had good luck with the conservation mix from Agway. I didn't cover it, just spread at different times when I thought conditions were good, usually before a rain.

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    Default Re: Seeding newly cleared land

    BWS - Depending on what your application(s) are I would consider talking to a seed company like Johnny Seeds(northeast) or Priarie Moon(midwest) as they offer free planning and advice and custom mixes. The seed mix itself will determine what application method is required. Mixes can have different size seeds that require one method over another. Who ever sells you the seed should be able to provide guidance on steps needed to make it get started and take hold. Don't forget that cover introductions are seasonal based on seeds. A good seed company can guide you with a quick introduction to stabilize ground and a later introduction to get you what you are looking for if it differs from what you can get in now. To sum up since you have a fairly large area to cover I would talk to experts and seed companies.....Gary

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    Default Re: Seeding newly cleared land

    I've used a pasture type mix from my conservation office. It is mainly orchard grass and medium red clover, with some timothy and white clover I think. After the disc I dragged the field with a chain link fence and cultipacker, broadcasted the seed, then ran over it one last time with the fence and cultipacker. The clover fills in first while it holds and improves the soil. By the second year it is a 50/50 mix with grass and clover. Third year the grass is really thick as the clover is choked out. It's worked great for me.

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