I'm putting steel casters on a tool chest....discovered some from Northern Tool...1000 lb, 4 inch, $12.99 plus shipping.

4in. Swivel 1000-Lb. Capacity Steel Caster | Heavy Duty Casters | Northern Tool + Equipment

photo does not show it, but there are two grease zerks, one for swivel, one for axle.

I ordered 8 but box was really beat up and tears had been taped up when it arrived. Only 7 casters arrived via UPS. Called Northern Tool, explained, another caster is in transit, no hassle, no extra cost. They look very sturdy and much better price/capacity than I found anywhere else.

Just FYI.. am not affiliated with Northern Tool, just thought that y'all who are interested in putting casters on an implement dolly or ?? might like to know.