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    Default New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    Thanks to all of the previous pole barn posts, I finally got all the information I needed to get started with my pole barn project. I got quotes from all over, but decided on a local company, Mallett Buildings in Iowa, Louisiana. They beat every other quote I had gotten plus they are local which I think is important. The building will be mainly used for tractor and implement storage. I ended up with a 30' x 40' x 12' with 1 walk in door and a 10' high x 12' wide sliding door. I am also getting post protectors, vinyl wrapped skirt board, insulation, rat guard, 1 window and a slab. For now there won't be any electricity, water or sewer, but electricity may be added in the future. Here are a few pictures. I know the posts are useless without pictures! In the background you can see the sad old barn this is meant to replace. Termites have made that one a lost cause.
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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    Sharp looking barn. Looks like a pro build job to me. Its amazing how much bigger a barn looks with tall walls compared to ones with shorter walls.
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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    I know what you mean. When they got the poles up and I walked in, it looked huge! The footprint was pretty much what i had imagined, but it seemed really tall. So far it does look like they are doing a great job. I don't anticipate any problems.

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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    It looks like you built the area up with sand? Is that correct?

    I've finally got my area leveled and have started getting quotes (again). But now it's rained for the last two days straight. We haven't had any significant rain amounts since mid-July. Not we've got over 4 inches in the last week. I have all clay so I need to wait till the area is dry.

    The building looks great so far. It amazing how fast a skilled team can put those things up.

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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    wedge40, It's not sand, it is 60/40 fill material. I built the area up about 2 to 2.5 feet. The previous owner had a shed here but it was torn up pretty bad in hurricnae Rita. I demolished it and started building the area up to match what he had done before.

    I'm not only amazed at how fast these guys work, but how they put up the trusses with two guys and no crane! I was at work and I didn't get to see it, but I am asking them how they did it when they come back after the holidays.

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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    Very nice! Definitely going 12' makes a huge difference and for the minimal cost, it makes so much sense. Even if you don't have tall equipment, you can use all the head height for hanging stuff and get it out of the way instead of filling up the floor.
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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    Quote Originally Posted by grandpa_e View Post
    wedge40, It's not sand, it is 60/40 fill material. I built the area up about 2 to 2.5 feet.
    Building looks great. I'm not sure where you live - but it should be somewhat similar - Do you mind me asking the approximate price you paid per truckload of fill? Do you recall how many trucks it took to get up to your height?
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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    I just built a 30 x 40x 10 for $15-k. Yours looks so much bigger with the extra height
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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    I paid $80 per load (14yd.) for the 60/40 fill dirt. I think I have 8 loads total for the pad and partial ramp. I will need probably 4 more to dress up the side slopes and finish off the ramp.

    I have more pictures to add, hopefully today. They have mostly completed the building and only have one corner trim piece, the slab and the sliding door remaining. Looks like it will be a few weeks before the slab gets finished. I can't wait to start filling it up!

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    Default Re: New 30' x 40' x 12' Pole Barn

    Finally had time for some more pictures. Got sand delivered today for the slab. Door tracks & trim should be in next week and hopefully they can get the slab done then as well.
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