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    Default New land, Clearing and associated repairs

    So, some of you will know, but a bit of background is in order. I bought an adjacent 9.7 acres that was solid woods and scrub last August I think. I drove the trackavator around a bit in there cleaning things up so I could at least walk (well, drive) through and made some burn piles etc.

    Burning always makes me nervous, although we do it regularly, always aware things can go real wrong and out of control.

    So, we decided to clear the southern 1.5 acres so I can plant some stuff etc. SWMBO is not exactly thrilled, but, then again, she sees that continuing to have land we do absolutely nothing with is somewhat pointless as well.

    So we walked and talked a bit and looked at various options, and decided to hit it a bit with the bush hog and the NH 1925 (predecessor to the TC 33) and at least get out some of the thorns etc. While we would both like to do it with a mulcher, by the time I lay out the needed money, I will be broke, so we are just eating the elephant a bite at a time.

    Over the past 4 to 5 years, I have spent a lot of time in my woods on the tractor with the KK 5' mower beating things down, hey after all, it is 4wd right but I must not have got the Z71 package because they forgot the skid plates. Always, know there is the potential, but the potential became reality yesterday.

    So, as you see when large stick comes up and wedges between Transmission filter body and transmission, cast aluminum filter housing looses the war........... First I thought I had broken the actual transmission case, :barf: but after calming down, realized it was a bolt on casting. So a quick look in the book for part #s and a bit of internet trolling to Messicks determined it to be a $130 or so mistake. Don't like making those, but they are a whole lot easier to live with then $1000 plus change transmission casting mistakes.

    So, upon even closer examination, I realized it was a pretty decent looking aluminum casting, so hey, what the heck, I talk with a guy that welds every morning while shaving, so figured, to give it a shot.

    So, pictures, would be, a hydraulic filter where it should not be (on the bench) and a hole where it should be, then a bit of welding, and now it is good as new (well close enough) maybe even much much better then new, as rod is cheap once you have the application device.

    So, once again, the tractor went rapidly from, My tractor back to belonging to SWMBO's tractor, which is good as she has to go lay sod this week, and she was not too keen on not having the tractor / tiller to do it with.

    Lets see if I can bet the pics to post and we can go from there.

    So feeling a bit better this evening that we are up and running again, now just need to fix the mowers, the Bobcat and the Dumptruck.............

    I keep telling myself I enjoy this stuff.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297712410577-jpg   New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297712437016-jpg   New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297712459088-jpg   New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297722028343-jpg   New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297726179679-jpg  

    New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297726196464-jpg   New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297722055220-jpg   New land, Clearing and associated repairs-1297722042523-jpg  

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    Default Re: New land, Clearing and associated repairs

    Nice fix..Just keep nibbling at the elephant. And if you can get some free dirt to fill in spots is always nice. Or in my case I use wood chips to smother out weeds and fill in low spots. The chips will decompose eventually and help the soil.
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    Default Re: New land, Clearing and associated repairs

    most importantly wood chips are free

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