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    Default Equipment repairs, Excavator Gum Surgery!

    As I patiently wait for kubota to send parts from Japan, so the dealer can get working to repair the damage from my L39's fire,
    I am going about making some way too expensive repairs and improvements.
    First I changed the hydraulic oil pump on my ok B7200. If the machine had a real filter vs. a course screen strainer, then I bet the oil pump would not have worn so badly. Don't ask what a new pump cost.
    Next I did some work on the L39's bucket as when I get it back, I have quite a bit of material waiting to be moved.
    When I was installing new CAT style teeth on my excavator bucket I noticed a crack on the outboard tooth adapter shank. As it turned out, to some degree all the adapters had cracks.
    It could not possibly be due to all tha easy digging.
    I was quoted over $300 to have a heavy equipment shop to cut out the adapter and weld in a new one, so I figured I would give it a try having it repaired by a local welder.
    I needed to get other work done also including fixing up a favorite old push mower.
    The fellow who showed up was real old school, He used a stick arc welder and gas, not TIG or MIG, but he knew how to weld.
    Aside from welding the adapters, I had side cutters added to the bucket, some new teeth on the end of the thumb, a lift chain hook, and had my excavator's trailer hitch receiver repaired. It was squashed from resting heavy boulders on the pusher blade that were to big to transport with the Kubota.
    A trailer hitch receiver on the pusher blade is great for moving heavy trailers around the property. If I had a big dump trailer, for on site work it would be better than a dump truck.
    In all, I spent about $1,500 on all of the above.
    Without my L39, I then just parked my excavator under a shade tree and pondered just how hard it will be to change the alternator belt or should I just wait till it breaks?
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    Equipment repairs, Excavator Gum Surgery!-p1010676-jpg   Equipment repairs, Excavator Gum Surgery!-p1010677-jpg  

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