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    Default Re: Log splitters

    Quote Originally Posted by Botabill View Post
    They are as powerful on the outstroke as on the back stroke.
    Hydraulic cylinders by nature have less power when retracting. So my statement is true in that regard.

    And yes, if you split ALOT of elm, I can see the benefit of a bi-directional. But everyones needs are different. We split mostly ash, red oak, maple, etc. Stuff that isnt that tough to split.
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    Default Re: Log splitters

    There's another long standing brand that is driven by a flywheel. I believe it is priced about the same as the DR unit. I like the simplicity and lack of long term maintenance. No hoses, no hydraulics. It is expensive for a homeowner operation though.

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    Default Re: Log splitters

    This is the wood splitter I purchased back in May of 2006. It has the Briggs engine on it and I manage to change oil once a year and have not had a single problem with it. We built a log lift for it this summer so no more hand picking up of the big ones. One thing I do like is the tire size on the splitter as it makes it pretty nice for moving about in the woods (to and from). Back then I paid right around $1,900 for it and now I think they are about 2,400. They also have models with the Honda engine mounted on them, but I am happy with the Briggs.

    American 6.5 High woodsplitter w/ 4way wedge and backer :: American Woodsplitters :: Outdoor Equipment :: Curtis Collectibles

    They are located in Black River, NY up near Watertown and great people to work with.

    This is their home website.

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    Default Re: Log splitters

    I've got one of the Huskee splitters from Tractor Supply, paid less than $1000 about 4 years ago. Up to that point I had always used a maul, but with work and age, I got behind Love the splitter, but actually miss the maul sometimes. I do still use it some. I very rarely use the vertical split feature. I gennerally cut a trailer/truck load, bring it home and split it as it comes off the trailer. I actually put the end of the splitter against the trailer so when I split big pieces half stays on the splitter, half goes back on the trailer so i don't ever have to pick a big piece off the ground. It splits everything I have put on it, and if the wedge sticks, it has stops to pull the wood off on the return stroke. Only problem I have is the splitter will either split more wood than I want to stack, or the gas doesn't run out when I want a break

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    Default Re: Log splitters

    I just got the DR Rapid Fire splitter last weekend. I have been looking for a splitter for the past 2 years. A neighbor I was talking to begining of summer showed me his machine and I could not believe how fast it was.

    Here is a pic of the first time using it. I spent maybe 35 - 40 minutes of actual time splitting. I spent more time bring the cut up pieces to the splitter.Log splitters-first-split-jpg

    While I agree that it probably won't be great on big knarly pieces; 1) most of my trees are in the 15 - 24" area, and & 2) there are very straight and 3) any knarly pieces, I can use my other neighbors 35 Ton splitter.

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    Default Re: Log splitters

    All being equal, tonage is an indicator of potential results. However not all same sized splitters split the same.
    I bought a 27 ton 3 years ago at Lowes. I split 6 cords or so annually. Most rounds are 24 inches or less.
    I personally prefer honda powered equipment. I appear to have bad juju with Brigs powered stuff.
    A time saver might be a 4 cut attachment with a standard splitter rather than opting for a 2 directional model Northern Industries offers an attachment that fits several models.

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    Default Re: Log splitters

    Bought wood splitter this weekend from Tractor Supply they had them on sale for $990 so I bought 22 ton splitter. Will met my needs for some years. I will not use too much this winter as I already have my wood split for this year, about 7 cord will cut only one cord to be on save side mostly small round stuff. Better to have the wood splitter and not have to use it right away than not have it and need it.
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    Default Re: Log splitters

    I have a 34-ton Ariens from Home Depot and am really happy with it. Excellent value too. It is the exact same splitter that Gravely is selling for $800 more.

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    I really hope to buy a Split-fire bi directional splitter someday, the one with the 4 way wedge on it. That is my dream splitter right there! It probably runs about $3500 dollars which is a lot to spend on a splitter when you only split 5 cords a year. However, someday I will buy one!

    Right now I'm splitting with a 3 pt model on the tractor and I hate it! I have this wonderful grapple on the FEL that would be just PERFECT for holding all my rounds while I split, but I can't use it because I have this 46hp engine driving a god awful slow splitter that is tying up my tractor!

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    Default Re: Log splitters

    I bought a Swisher 22 ton unit several years ago. The only mod I've done is put a longer tongue on it for towing with the ATV. It gives me more leverage (less strain) to lift on and of the tow ball. Worst I've split is Sweetgum and it did the job.
    Claude farmer

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