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    Quote Originally Posted by theboman View Post
    We got TONS of oak leaves here, about 5:1 tree ratio of oaks to anything else. What I've been told is to make a compost pile, bin, hole, or wherever you can keep them and add a bag of lime from time to time, and if you got it rabbit poop, er droppings. Both are really supposed to turn those acidy leaves into an awesome compost.

    This year I'm gonna do the LIME test to how it goes.. what's $10 in lime gonna hurt?
    I've got lots of Oaks and they make great compost. You can add the lime but you really don't need it unless you already have acid soil. Fresh oak leaves are acid but after they compost, the compost is pretty much neutral. The acidity goes away as they compost.

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    Default Re: Best Way to Rake Leaves

    Turns out hurricane Sandy did my work for me and blew the leaves off the lawn. I have one area to leaf blow them away from the fence and into the compost pile.

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    I don't mess with them !
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