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    Default Re: Electric Service Panel questions

    Quote Originally Posted by tkappeler View Post
    I am liking the manual transfer switch, even if in a generator-ready load center, more and more.
    I have a manual switch and I have never regretted it. It is low-cost and highly flexible.

    I could see a full-blown whole-house auto start/transfer set up for those who have a critical medical condition, are unable to physically deal with a manual generator, or for those who travel away from home often.

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    Default Re: Electric Service Panel questions

    Tom, The electric man put my switch in today it's called a Breaker Interlock Switch sold on line in Virginia,easy hookup, when you flip the switch it turns off the main so only one can work at a time,one plug, took about 1 1/2 hours to hookup very simple.

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    Default Re: Electric Service Panel questions

    Manual all the way. The automatic switch is almost useless unless you can configure it with yoru current genny to start and run when needed. They are also a third or less of the price.

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    Default Re: Electric Service Panel questions

    When I installed the manual change-over switch I also typed out a detailed instruction sheet for starting the generator, what to shut off BEFORE pulling that change-over switch (items such as the computer due to the initial power surge, shutting off the 50 amp breaker to the hot tub - can't run that off of a 7500 watt generator,) and how to make the final change over from municipal power to our generator. Laminate the sheet so it can be taken outside when it is snowing/raining.

    This system has worked superbly multiple times. The power has gone off many times when my wife was home alone and that list was a God-send for her to make sure that everything was done in the proper order.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkappeler

    I am liking the manual transfer switch, even if in a generator-ready load center, more and more.
    I have had generators for 20 years and all sizes and a manual switch is not a bad way to go. You only need limited circuits during an outage anyway. Best use of money and maintenance for the future. From a guy that now has a whole house auto system that is over kill.

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