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    Default remodeling barns for apartment kitchen cabinets price ??

    I am remodeling the grooming shop in my kennel into an apartment. The kitchen is going to be small and here are the cabinets
    I am looking at what do people think of prices?

    This site has free shipping
    Shop Beautiful, Solid Wood Cabinets at Kitchen Cabinet Depot: Kitchen Cabinet Depot

    Cabinet price # needed subtotal
    Wall 15Wx30H Golden Shaker W1530CT $80 3 $240
    W3630CT Wall 36Wx30H Golden Shaker $146 2 $292
    B15CT Base 15 Wide Golden Shaker $101 2 $202
    B36CT Base 36 Wide Golden Shaker $201 1 $201
    DB18CT Dwr Base 18 Wide Golden Shaker $148 2 $249
    SB30CT Sink Base 30 Wide Golden Shaker $175 2 $350
    total $1583.00
    I am getting ready to make a decision would appreciate an advise ASAP.
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    Default Re: remodeling barns for apartment kitchen cabinets price ??

    My experience is cabinets are as much about the hardware as the wood. We bought kitchen cabinets that had such lousy hardware I fought with the company and they finally sent out a guy to upgrade them all to the next level. The original hardware pulled out of the bottom of the drawers so they fell on the ground when you pulled them out, the door hinges didn't have strong enough springs to properly close the doors, etc. Maybe you could buy one unit and see what it's like, then order the rest if it's OK. Have you ruled out buying them from one of the big boxes? They usually have displays of everything they sell.
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    Default Re: remodeling barns for apartment kitchen cabinets price ??

    Where are they located? Where are the cabinets manufactured? I did a quick survey of their website and could not find either answer. I would not spend any money with those unanswered questions. It also would be nice if they would sell you a sample cabinet door or drawer pull so you could check the color finish and quality.

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    Default Re: remodeling barns for apartment kitchen cabinets price ??

    I'm pretty sure these cabinets are made in China. I've installed import assemble it yourself cabinets from another similar distributor. They are a good deal for what they are. That said, the hinges and fasteners will probably be serviceable but not top quality. The finish will be OK but you may have to touch up a spot or two. They will go together OK, but a completely inexperienced DIYer will struggle.

    That's based on my experience. I put them into a condo I remodeled and I'm satisified considering I save $2000 to $3000 over other options. I wouldn't use them in my house (of course, no danger of my making any decisions there with my wife in charge.)

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    Default Re: remodeling barns for apartment kitchen cabinets price ??

    China made cabinets are inexpensive but the quality wise very doubtful .
    I bought wood cabinets from The RTA Store for my kitchen. I got 10 % discount on total purchase and free shipping.

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    Default Re: remodeling barns for apartment kitchen cabinets price ??

    check out the habitat restore in the large city by you. They often have kichen cabs that have been removed (uninstalled not just ripped out) for great prices.

    other big city's usually feature some sort of scratch and dent/ end of line/ liquidation stores that feature building materials. Ive also gotten scratch and dent cab's and the like for $20 each etc.

    Big box stores sell unfinished oak cabs for $50-80 depending on size. and all white versions can be had for about $40 more. (half of what you quoted)

    In short i think you can do a lot better if your looking for budget cabs for an apt.
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