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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    Quote Originally Posted by quicksandfarmer View Post
    The big disadvantage of overhangs is they increase the wind uplift. I think it's crazy to have a building without them.
    Spot on as far as "lift" goes...(if it's an enclosed structure)....

    Sometimes the configuration of the truss members can make installing a "freeze board" or "bird blocking" a challenge...
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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    Have 2 foot overhangs and climate control my building - no issues at all. I sealed mine up without any issues (do have ridge vent I close in the winter and open in the spring) - no water, bug, bird or circulation issues at all. Seems to work great and if the door is open the rain doesn't blow in too easy
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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    I built 2 ea 200 ft horse barns for a fussy show horse client.
    With the quantity of roofing and siding we were dealing directly with the factory so they made us a facia/soffit all in one piece that did the installation really easy to do.
    Solved all the problems!

    For doors I had the truss firm make square 'trusses' that I covered with siding outside and 3/8" plywood inside. These were mounted on standard door tracks. Worked great!
    Since all door panels were sized the same the delivered cost was less than what I would have paid for the 2x stock not counting my labor plus they used truss plates giving me super strong frames to mount the panels. (fitted 1 1/2 foam panels in spaces for heat retention)

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    Mine is 54x44 and I have 18" overhangs with gutters. Would not do it any other way.


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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    Over hang shown here and all sealed, no problem for the builder.

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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    With overhangs and gutters, it looks like a nice building.

    Without them, its just a tin shed.

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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    Quote Originally Posted by jmd4j View Post
    Hello all, I'm in the process of building a pole barn, 40x40x14 with steel trusses to be exact. I cannot stand the look of a pole barn without overhangs so I was set on having them. I plan on finishing the pole barn and turning it into an airplane hangar in about a year or two, but once the place I'm buying my materials from learned of this, they recommended to not build with overhangs. They said it is much harder to seal up with the metal if you have the overhangs sticking out. My question is, how much harder is it to seal? Is it really that big of a deal. I don't plan on having it climate controlled, so air tight it doesn't have to be. I just want to keep everything relatively dry. We plan on using it for other purposes this year, as a pavilion, and next year is when I plan to finish the sides. This is also in a field not close to houses, so me and family are the only ones going to be able to see it, so cosmetically I don't think it'd be that big of a deal trying to seal up either.

    I searched the site but didn't come up with any recommendations. I appreciate any help anyone can give! I would suggest that it's more important to have a gutter system installed especially without a overhang. With water running down the wall it will rot out the poles in a short time. My pole barn is 30 yr old and every pole is rotted off at ground level. We had a mini tornado here and mine held together because of the concrete floor. Next door the 40 x 70 barn, same condition, gravel floor lifted up and relocated to the middle of the road.


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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    All 3 of my pole barns have overhangs on the sides and on front and back. It adds so much to the overall look of the building. I have wired 100's of these structures over the past 28 years, and all the buildings without overhangs just look cheap. period.

    Like they just dont give a ^^%^ how the building looks. No one would build a house without overhangs.

    Id also rather have rain water wash over the roof and miss the walls then run down the walls year after year. That really wrecks the finish on the buildings.

    I dont see how an overhang would affect waterproofing or sealing the structure. does not make any sense.

    Also, have them finish the underside of the overhangs in metal just like the roof. looks nice and clean.
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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    Overhang is the only way to go in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Pole Barn Overhang...Or Not?

    Quote Originally Posted by bigtiller View Post
    With overhangs and gutters, it looks like a nice building.

    Without them, its just a tin shed.
    I'm a big fan of overhangs, it just makes the building look "finished", I had a 30x66 Morton built a few years ago and it has full venting under the overhang and on the ridge. Since it's not heated the venting keeps eveything from sweating and the temperature in the summer stays close to the outside temperature even on a sunny day when all of the doors are closed. Being tightly sealed may not always be a good thing.

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