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    Default Re: Deconstructing a house. How too??

    is it brick or brick veneerer,

    if it is just veneer it will come down easy, as it is just a single row of brick with some ties to the wood framing,

    a brick wall is made of two or three layers of brick with a thickness of about 8 to 12 inches to make up the wall,

    it is veneer, take it down like a frame house,

    If a true brick wall, one will most like want to use a excavator to knock it down and then haul it off or bury it,

    some depends on what you think you want to salvage, one can take a hammer and brick chisel and take it down brick by brick if wanted to, but the time would be a lot of hours,
    (in my experience it is hard to salvage lumber for really reuse) what I have found is to clear off the edges and chain saw the joists a few inches in from the rim joist and drop them instead of pulling thousand so nails, yes the lumber is shorter, but kinda a trade off of time and value,

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    Default Re: Deconstructing a house. How too??

    Go talk to a house mover. Some times they will take it for free and resell it themselves. Anything they leave behind shouln't be too hard to clean up yourself.

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