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    Default Re: Building a 24x24 pole barn for tractor

    still putting this together in my head. It looks like a 24x30 is what I will need. Can I space my poles 10 foot. The lumber yard near me has 6x6 or 4x6. My biggest concern is how hard will it be to stand up a 6x6x14. I don't have a bucket on my tractor. It would be a build by me and my 13 year old and maybe some help from a 16 year old nephew. I know I can build it but just don't know if we can stand up the poles. Also do you guys suggest concreting the holes are fill with dirt. Seems to me people have gotten away from concreting them. Rick

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    Default Re: Building a 24x24 pole barn for tractor

    What started as a pole shed has turned into an eventual ~960 sq ft house....

    Will add lean-tos later, but this building is currently 24' x 40' to give you an idea. Used 8x8s for poles. Pops took my beer budget and is trying to turn it into a champagne one
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    Default Re: Building a 24x24 pole barn for tractor

    Rick, my neighbor put his poles straight in ground, no concrete. He told me he checked with engineer, and he said it was just as strong here in our GA red clay. Maybe like schools did, go with 8x8.

    Hey, quick, up in Rhode Island, can you post some pics of what you're describing? That sounds like a good barn. Also, Rick, man, make that thing as BIG as you can! Kicking myself many times for only making my shop/office 24x32 when I built it in '92. Now, I need another roof on my place!!
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    Default Re: Building a 24x24 pole barn for tractor

    I know this is a 4 year old thread, but did you ever get this pole barn finished? I'm in the planning stages of a 24x24 pole barn using 6x6's, with a 6/12 pitch roof. I am set on that pitch because I have 1/4" brackets already made for a 6/12 pitch that I got for free. I will use 4x6's for most of the roof work.

    gravel floor, no concrete.
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