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    Default Kubota B7100hst custom made backhoe

    Hi everyone well been awhile since I have posted anything in here so here goes.Last fall I purchased a 94 kubota B7100 hst it has a bucket loader and its handy for doing some jobs around the orchard.I started thinking about a backhoe since I always wanted one but never could afford to buy one so I decided to build a 3 point hitch style hoe.I got the plans from pf engneering and started the major build in my free time.I now now why these backhoes cost so much steel and parts are super expensive .I may of been better off wanting another 20 years to buy one.Anyways the hoe is built and have been using it around the orchard digging rows for irrigation lines .One thing I have to say do your shopping online for parts much cheaper and also use your pto to run a hydraulic pump makes a world of difference for theys small tractors. I'll post some pictures soon but here is a link too my youtube channel here you can see my backhoe.
    Kubota B7100hst farmer built backhoe attachment update - YouTube

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    Default Re: Kubota B7100hst custom made backhoe

    Thanks for posting this...can you offer any links for your plan sources? I am very interested in possibly making one of my own...I have a similar sized tractor...
    Does this plan call for any type of sub-frame?

    Thanks again
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    Default Re: Kubota B7100hst custom made backhoe

    Indeed craftman.

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