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    Default Re: How much does a load of fill dirt cost typically?

    Quote Originally Posted by FTG-05 View Post
    TMC, I think those are known as "Mafia Blocks", not sure why.
    Because of the body inside.


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    Default Re: How much does a load of fill dirt cost typically?

    When I went and got them I didn't know what they were called either, I just knew what I wanted. When I read your post I researched them and found they were called several things, Bin Blocks, Mafia Blocks, Jersey blocks, heavy bast***s, etc.

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    Default Re: How much does a load of fill dirt cost typically?

    How much does a load of fill dirt cost typically?-20180218_132520-jpg

    This is the back corner of my berm and shows how I constructed it. About 7.5'. That's my pistol one and that [ shaped construction let me pile the dirt pretty high without needing excessive amount to reach that height and still be moderately thick at top.

    I did my rifle one the same way, but went a little taller since it's @ 300 yds. I used PT 2x4 instead of 4x4 for it. Worked well, just took longer to put together and required a lot more vertical support pieces. The sides are a little wavy since the 2x4 aren't as strong and it is wider overall, but still let me pile up dirt pretty high w/o need for excessive amount of dirt.

    I have to bring in fill dirt ($$$) for projects like this since I can't dig it from my land. So the extra cost of the wood support structure is offset by bringing in ~1/4 the truckloads of dirt.

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