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    Default John Deere wagon turned mobile deer stand

    Displayed is a picture of my grandfather's old John Deere wagon (circa early 1950's).

    My cousin turned this hay wagon into what I term a "Redneck Mobile Deere Stand". Although it's not does sport an aluminum door, wood sides and a roof. He is going to install windows...then a heater to stay warm. Finally, he has the idea of towing it around to various spots on the farm from where he can hunt deer in the blind.

    Personally, I think it's the most ridiculous contraption I've ever seen...let alone being illegal. I'm not sure the deer would get within a mile of it, simple because the deer view it as "not being part of their territory"!!

    Thought I'd share this with you folks. Wouldn't surprise me if the Pennsylvania Game Warden will be knocking on that aluminum door.

    Thoughts anyone???
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    Default Re: John Deere wagon turned mobile deer stand

    I am curious if its gonna work for him.

    Hehe, it reminds me of those police monitoring trailers - only this time it is for a game and it is not operated by FBI


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    Default Re: John Deere wagon turned mobile deer stand

    Is it illegal to hunt out of stands in PA? I know in NY it is common to build tower stands which are just sheds built up in the air. Windows, door, roof, heater and what ever other luxury items they want. I even know the game wardens have hunting shacks also for when they get a chance to go out. There are a few mobile stands, my neighbor is building a huge one right now that looks more redneck then that one.

    As for the deer, they will be fine if he gets it out to where he wants it early on and lets the deer get use to it. One problem I see is that the window openings are too big. The deer will see any movement inside it and be gone. If he closes up the window openings some and gets it out there soon he will be fine. Best of luck to him this season.

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    Default Re: John Deere wagon turned mobile deer stand

    You couldn't leave that on a deer lease down here in Texas. Somebody would move into it and claim squatter's rights.

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    Default Re: John Deere wagon turned mobile deer stand

    We built a "mobile" stand on 6x6" skids(NY). It is 16' high with roof and sides. Built it at the house and then skidded it out to the woods. Works great and was much easier to build at the house.

    Why is it illegal? I hunt out of a stand in PA. Is it due to it being mobile?

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    Default Re: John Deere wagon turned mobile deer stand

    Heck, I just carry my gun on my tractor. Have gotten 3 deer that way and possibly a 4th. Got all in a group of 3 that were very skittish to me on foot. I just pulled the tractor out of the shed at the top of the hill and was maneouving it to go around and down the hill when I saw the first one. Picked up the 410 with slug in it and shot it. It dropped, kicking away. I'd only packed one slug; so, I had to lock the tractor in park and walk to the garage to get another slug. I loaded it and JUST pulled down the hill when I saw the other one. Shot at it and could tell I'd wounded it. It walked away. Later on, we smelled something dead in the direction it went. The buzzards enjoyed it.

    There were mom, daughter from previous year (both shot above) and a fawn. Saw the fawn the next day near my garden along the creek. It was about an 80 yard shot, but I wounded the fawn. Walked over to where it had walked away and found it lying with its head up. A round in the back of its head put it away. The buzzards enjoyed that one a lot.

    Saw two others a few days later down below the carriage house. Shot one, it went down and popped back up and ran away. Shot at the other one, but I think that I probably missed it.

    My patience wore out this year. The hooved rats were eating everything in sight and would come up around the house and just defy me. Had a rabbit invasion, too. Borrowed a 22 and shot 6 before buying my 410 and got 11 more rabbits and, so far, about 7 hooved rats. My hunter came out once and got one with his crossbow.

    I've a kill permit to take them out year round.

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