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    Default Sauna--Ceramic or Carbon based heat??

    My In-laws are looking into saunas for their basement--they cannot decide between conventional ceramic based heat or newer carbon based--anybody know of primary pros and cons of each? Which way would be safest for indoors and fastest to heat up--or give the best sauna feeling. I am not a sauna user so don't have any good feedback to give them, and they can't seem to find any good info other than what the stores and manufacturers websites tell them.
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    Default Re: Sauna--Ceramic or Carbon based heat??

    I'm from the UP of Michigan and there are thousands of sauna's up here, mostly wood heat. I have one in the back yard built around 1920 with square timbers by hand and has wood heat. Stove was a kit from Nippa stoves.

    Here's the sauna stove company not far from here (NIPPA Sauna Heaters and Wood Stoves). There is a lot of info on their site. They have wood, gas and electric stoves. Also you can ask questions.


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