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    Default Ap question for smart phone

    When you look at all the ap's out there for smart phones, and you look at downloading them onto your phone, there usually is a statement to the effect that some information on your phone may be utilized by the ap (company) being downloaded to your phone.

    I'm no computer guy, but if I have certain files stored on my phone, and I download an ap to my phone, does someone else have a roundabout way to information I have stored on my phone?

    I sincerely think we're in the age of big brother, but am I being over paranoid?
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    Default Re: Ap question for smart phone

    I think you mean Apps, as in Applications and no you are not being overly paranoid. Depending on the app, it could indeed have access to the data stored on your phone. Most smartphones have mechanisms built in to show you what type of data the installed apps can access, but not necessarily what specifically is being accessed.
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    Default Re: Ap question for smart phone

    Read this article; it will give you a good understanding regarding what info is transmitted. And this link provides useful information on specific apps and the info they share.

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    The same applies to your computer. Certain applications, even devices like wireless routers, invisibly pass information back to software and hardware companies. Who knows what type of information they're gathering and why but I don't like it.

    There's a computer application called Little Snitch which you can download and install that monitors all requests to transmit data and gives you the option of stopping it. Some stuff you have to allow or you're os or apps won't work properly but you quickly learn what is essential and so put a stop to the rest.

    I've been running the app for about three months now and feel much more in control.

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