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    Default Inventing, how do you start the process?

    I'm not sure that I've termed my title correctly. I don't have some completely new thing that I want to bring to the market. Instead, I have an idea that would really improve something that is already on the market.

    I'm wondering where does one start?

    It wouldn't seem wise to me to just start by calling the R&D department of the company and discuss your idea, without being able to prove that the idea came from you and not them, i.e. protect your Intellectual Property?

    How does one go about documenting or proving the idea was yours to begin with?

    Also very important, how does one determine what one's idea might be worth?

    Since it isn't something new, it seems like a patent wouldn't be the avenue to pursue. Besides, from what I can determine, getting a patent seems very expensive and time consuming.

    Has anyone else been in this same situation and if so, how did you go about bringing your idea to the market while also protecting your financial 'rights/remuneration'?

    This idea has really latched onto me and I'm really trying to figure out a course of action to go forward with it.

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your time in this matter.

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    Default Re: Inventing, how do you start the process?

    If you want to bring the idea to full flower as a product, then a patent is usually the best way to protect your idea from being "borrowed" without your permission and compensation. Not only are patents a pain to obtain, they must also be defended. Being an "inventor" is a lot easier from within a company that is interested in bringing the design to market or using it to deny others from using the idea (defensive patent) than trying to do it as an individual.
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