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    Default Stump Burn with Blower and coal

    OK, I have several ..many stumps that I have tried everything to get rid of. The 'let natural rot' .well, it took 6 years for one to settles down..
    So My idea this time around it to.
    saw as low as possible. and then I will Mark them with a sapling, so I can find them in the first snow.After the first snow i can burn them. Ive done some research and have found that mostly a stump that isn't over a year or so will not burn well.My idea has to be almsot a freeby. cant afford an excavator etc..
    I plan to use the drill hoes into the stump and add motor oil . and repeat for a few months. Hopefully saturating the stump.
    I plan to then pace a half metal 55 gallon drum over the stump and for fuel i will use wood paper etc. and once going Id like to start some antricite coal burning on it.Or possible some charcoal (when it is clearances this fall).
    I was thinking id use one small circular fan (110 volt) I have with a 1 1/2 inch pipe outlet and the pipe would fit through a hole in the side of the barrel.
    I would think this would act as a forge. and burn very hot. and with the oil saturated, should help the stump along..
    I was looking for any thoughts on how this approach might go....
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    Default Re: Stump Burn with Blower and coal

    Not sure where you are but it is not legal in NH . Get a stump grinder to come in , cheaper than a new well when the oil taints yours !
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