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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    Quote Originally Posted by Samandothers View Post
    My sports car was a 67 vette.
    My boss sold a 67 with the factory 427 and 3 deuces in about 1979-80. The body was not pristine, but decent and the drivetrain was solid. The price? $3500 - yes three thousand five hundred dollars....
    "Can a mortal ask questions which God finds unanswerable? Quite easily, I should think. All nonsense questions are unanswerable." CS Lewis

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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    I have had a few in my life time
    59 sprite
    69 mg midget
    69 sunbeam Tiger
    69 sunbeam alpine
    89 cadillac Allante
    90 cadillac Allante = still have it

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    Quote Originally Posted by N80
    Wow, most of you guys are growing out of sports cars while I'm growing in. I don't think this will be an obsession for me and I don't think I'm going to spend much money. However, it is a real revelation to drive a machine that was made for driving. Such a huge difference over typical cars....I had no idea....but it is intoxicating.

    I'm not into drag racing at redlights or pushing the top end. But on sufficiently twisty roads you can have a lot of fun at what sounds like very mundane speeds.

    I would also have to admit that on this particular car the exhaust note is fabulous. Not brash or particularly loud, just a deep growl. I never listen to the radio.

    The ride on this car is very harsh. 19" rims with 40 aspect ratio tires don't feel every expansion joint and reflecter. Springs are stiff too. But its worth it.

    As one auto writer once wrote: every aspect of a car that makes it good on the track makes it miserable as a daily driver. Its true, but this car walks that fine line pretty well.

    So no Porsche, BMW M3, MX-5, RX-8 or Z car owners out there?
    I have a 2005 silver Mercedes slk 350 hardtop convertible which I drive infrequently. My truck is a lovable workhorse, the vehicle that I really rack up miles in, but it doesn't make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up like the Mercedes does. Getting into it is like pulling on a glove.
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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    I consider myself very fortunate... Dad was a used car dealer, and I grew up (started driving) in the mid-60s. Drove 'em all, SS396, Road Runner (hemi), Olds 442; my favorite American iron was a 64 GTO hardtop. One of my real favorites was a SAAB 96 with the 3-cylinder 2-stroke. Drove like it was on rails!

    But the best was having grown up with my parents' XK120, which they both raced --and did quite well with. Really antique by today's standards- drum brakes that weren't worth too much, torsion bars up front with a solid axle & leafs in the rear, and an electrical system that was a natural teacher- you constantly had to try to figure it out. (Yay, Lucas!) But for only 3448cc in an inline 6, it would really go, especially around corners. Lots of folks don't know it, but yes, the XK engine was a dual-cam hemi.

    Really considered getting hold of a used Miata, and still do occasionally.... but these days I limit my MLC to tinkering with and driving old Japanese bikes. Oh. And the tractor.
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    '05 VW Jetta Wgn TDI
    Numerous vintage Japanese motorcycles

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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    lets see, first there was an Austin-Healey Sprit, then a 66 SS396 Chevelle (the car I miss the most, it was a fire breather with drum brakes), a MG Midget, 914 Porsche, Formula Ford as my first real racecar, then the Legends car that I've raced off and on for the last 15 years, a 97 Miata, and now I am looking for a C6 Vette. I turned 57 last month and there is only one thing that puts a smile on my face like driving fast and that would involve a women.
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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    I had a 69 Vette convertable w/427, 70 Vette w/454 and I still have my 84 V65 Magna that I drive pretty slow.

    Too many deer around here and a lot of people have been hitting them on bikes.

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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    Ahh, the XKE... Beautiful car and with a sanitary small block Chevy engine swap a good performer.

    Some of the most fun moments in a sports car for me were supplied by an XKE. This was when I left them far behind in the dust behind me while driving my Tiger.

    Never wrestle with a pig (however titled) as you just get dirty and the pig has all the fun.

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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    I am into cars this is my latest build. 94 miata 406ci SBC
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    "some people just make things happen"

    2010 JD 2520 FEL 62D 6' Blade
    1976 Kubota L175 60" Woods Belly Mower
    1994 Miata 406ci SBC 10.70@133mph

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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    I guess my only true "sports car" was the 1962 Austin Healy Sprite. It was also my first new car. And the same dealer had a new Jag XKE on the showroom floor; one of the best looking cars every built, in my opinion, but way out of my price range. I never drove an XKE and the only guy I ever knew who owned one said it looked great, was awkward to get in and out of, rode like a lumber wagon, and was hard steering. He thought "looks" was the only good thing about it.

    And my most powerful and fastest car (for its time) was the new 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner.

    Of course I did a little drag racing when I was a teenager with my 1956 Mercury Montclair convertible, dual exhaust, glass pack mufflers, etc..

    And now . . . I sure would not want anything without 4 doors, and the quieter if is, the better I like it. Ideally, have to look at the tachometer to tell if the engine's running.

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    Default Re: Any Tractor Guys Into Sports Cars Too?

    I have a 99 Ford dually&95 4X4 Tacoma(tractors kubota M5040 &M7040) and the wife just got rid of the supercharged cobalt,and got a mustang but im 32 and shes 23.

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