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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundguy
    a 3g plan would likely do me.. but may go 5g and just get better pricing. heavily looking at t mobile. still looking at all the options now though.

    I like that pc card wireless router that uses the pc card.

    anyone got links to other models that do the same? IE.. allows to use a pcmcia card plugged into the router?

    it's a neat idea, and at least one more for me to offer when i make the presentation ( plea ) to the budget people with the axes and blindfolds..
    Here is a good company.
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    Default Re: prepaid mobile broadband usb modem vs prepaid wifi hotspot ?

    I use a Sierra Wireless Aircard 763S. It is LTE capable and can support up to ten devices. Smaller than a deck of cards, very portable, easy to connect and approx 6 hours battery life or can be used plugged into charger. In my locale the data plan is much better than for USB devices or phones.
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    Default Re: prepaid mobile broadband usb modem vs prepaid wifi hotspot ?

    Quote Originally Posted by ozley View Post
    I would second this company. I've been using a Cradle Point MBR1000 CradlePoint MBR1000 Support, Firmware, and FAQs | CradlePoint for my primary internet at the house with a 3G Novatel USB720 (EV720) datacard connected to the MBR1000. This has been running 24/7 for the past 4 years. I have the following connected to it.

    1. Two computers that are hard wired.
    2. One computer that connects wirelessly.
    3. A laptop that I connect wirelessly to it every now and then.
    4. A HD HomeRun TV Tuner HDHomeRun (US/CA) | Welcome to SiliconDust
    5. My wife has her phone connected to it wirelessly.

    Even though our phones are 4g capable, we just got 4g service last month in our area, my wife connects to the cradle point to keep her usage down on her phone. We live in a some what rural area and the best dsl connection we could get, even today, is 512K speeds. I've had the usb modem since 2007 when Verizon had the true unlimited 3g data service for $60 per month so I've been reluctant to upgrade to a 4g system. We aren't heavy internet users so very rarely have we gone over 5gb a month. Even when I was in school taking some classes, I might hit 6gb once or twice.

    I haven't looked into the mobile hotspots enough to know all the details but it's my understanding that you are limited to how many things can connect to it. With using a wireless router that's capable of using the 3g/4g data card, you can connect as many things that you want to it. Plus you have the ability to log into the router and control quite a bit of things that you might not be able to do with a mobile hotspot.
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    Default Re: prepaid mobile broadband usb modem vs prepaid wifi hotspot ?

    thanks for the info guys!

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