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    So, I was carrying insulation into the attic yesterday to get ready to install it over the little bit that is there and in the process I managed to put a skylight into the attic between the kitchen and living room. The problem is, it is that textured ceiling paint so when I patch the hole I have to do something different. The kitchen/ living room are connected so repainting means having to do both rooms and I am not up to doing that right now, I have a lot of projects right now.

    Whoever taped the ceiling in here didn't do a very good job as you can see tape lines even through the textured ceiling and I have been wanting to correct that for a while now, just not right now. Has anyone been successful at patching/ matching this paint? Otherwise I think it will just stay with a drywall patch for a while until I get the ambition to re-tape and paint both rooms.

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    I hate, hate, hate textured ceiling for exactly this reason. It is an absolute pain in the butt if you ever have to patch it.

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    I am regularly asked to repair, and match textured ceilings.

    I have a pretty good track record, and have managed to do some undetectable repairs. Including occasionally matching the color well enough to avoid completely repainting a ceiling. But, I do not guarantee results.

    You really don't know what you have for sure, until it's all done.

    For me it's about 80% skill and 20% luck.

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    I have patched a textured ceiling in a kitchen that was water damaged from a leaky skylight. Put in new sheet rock, applied texture paint with a 4" stiff brush. Once it dried I repainted with ceiling white paint and it matched pretty well. It just takes a little time and practice as mentioned.

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