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    Default I\'m going to miss all this fun someday

    I had to go to Sarasota today and my son Jake wanted to stay home. Fine. That means I don't have to listen to bickering between him and Jenny in the truck for three hours. I get there and hubby Fred starts hollering at me that the truck is overheated and low on oil.

    Mutter mutter grumble grumble, light maintenence and I'm on my way.

    Thank you dear.

    Yer welcome hon.

    Major storm on the way home. Truck blowing all over the road, sporadic hail, rain like a gray sheet can't see nuthin', pull over to wait it out. It doesn't move. Until I do.

    Proceeds to follow me home. I get the idea that I can beat it there and get the feeding done before it catches up. Did that. No problem. Got the last critter fed and the bottom fell out. Raced up on the porch dodging drops the size of grapes.

    Then it hits me, something new about the front of the house. Strange tin foil decoration in the window near door. Closer inspection reveals that the window is broken. Jake and his partner in crime (Jamie) strangely subdued on the couch.

    "What happened to the (expletive) window?" I demanded, rather forcefully.

    "I dunno." Jake says. Jamie picks at a scab on his elbow, his eyes like saucers.

    So I give Jake one of my no nonsense now, looks.

    "I really don't know, but I do know that I broke it somehow." He admitted. Jamie looked like he wanted to puke.

    "Isn't it bad enough that we're using tin foil as window treatments, now we have to use tin foil for WINDOWS?" I yelled.

    Long, long, suspense filled silence.

    "I have a hundred bucks coming for mowing John's road next weekend, I'll pay for it." Jake offered.

    Jamie let out a slow sigh of relief. I guess that was the first moment either of them had considered the possible financial ramifications of this busted window.

    I checked out his temporary repair and grudgingly admitted that it appeared a fairly stable arrangement for a week. At least against rain and insects. Then Jamie, as if he couldn't take it anymore, bursts out with this odd ear splitting laughter. Braying like a dang donkey. I could only stare at him.

    "I could use a laugh Jamie. Why don't you share with us?"

    "Oh, nuthin' in perticuler. Somethin' just tickled my funny bone is all."

    I think it was a clear cut case of nervous hysteria.

    "Sorry about that, I couldn't help it." He said finally.

    "That's all feel better?"

    "Yep." Thin shaky voice

    "Okay, want some pizza?'


    I started to feel really bad. I had no idea that I was that scary. I think my kids are pretty well shell shocked and beyond being frightened, but poor Jamie looked like he was about to break out in hives.

    "If you're gonna hang around with Jake, you better learn to toughen up a little, cause he's gonna keep you in trouble."

    Big grin, bigger slab of pizza, and for the first time in hours, tentative peace. I'm going to miss all this fun someday.

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    Default Re: I\'m going to miss all this fun someday

    Good job. Now that was "Boot Camp Cindi" in action [img]/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: I\'m going to miss all this fun someday

    Jamie spent the night last night. He and Jake were supposed to go hog hunting at three a.m. with John. The plan was they were not going to go to sleep, but were going to wait up for three oclock. I said, you're making a mistake, you need to go on to bed and let me wake you up at three. Nah, nah, Jake says, it's all right, John's going to beep me on the radio so if we go to sleep he'll wake us up.

    I've had to wake this boy up at SEVEN a.m. and I knew that this was a lousy plan, but you can't tell them anything. Sure enough, I got up at four a.m. to go to the bathroom and there's the both of them, one snoring on each couch. I found the two way radio laying under the coffee table and checked the history. There was John's name, he had tried to beep at 3:27. So, no hog hunting for them last night. John doesn't play around, especially not at three in the morning.

    Anyhow I asked Jamie this morning if his dad ever got as mad as I did last night. Jake, who spends a lot of time at Jamie's, supplied the answer.

    "Just about every time he walks in the door!"

    Jamie laughed.

    "Yep, that's true. That man could put you to shame."

    "Then why did you act so freaked out?"

    "Cuz I was afraid you were going to get ahold of ME!"

    "Did you see me 'get ahold' of anybody?"

    "Well, no, but I stay ready anyway."


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