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    Default Tire chains for a Craftsman snowblower

    My friend has a Craftsman 5.0 22 inch snowblower. The tires are 4.10 - 4. She really needs tire chains on it, but when she went back to Sears for them,they told her that they don't make tire chains for it. Since Sears doesn't manufacturer their snowblowers, we don't believe that's true. The closest chains she found on line say the size is 4.10 x 350 x 4. Would these be the correct size? If not, is there someplace that has chains for 4.10 - 4 tires?

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    Default Re: Tire chains for a Craftsman snowblower

    I'd consult your local lawnmower shop for more information.

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    Default Re: Tire chains for a Craftsman snowblower

    yup any local mower shop would know or you can go to your local TSC store. Those walk behinds tires are easy to take off, so you can take one off and take it with you to local shop for faster service.

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    Default Re: Tire chains for a Craftsman snowblower

    Lots of snowblower chains listed in the link below

    Garden Tractors Tire Chains

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    Default Re: Tire chains for a Craftsman snowblower

    Never really needed chains on my snowblower. I guess if you had steep inclines they would be needed
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    Default Re: Tire chains for a Craftsman snowblower

    Depending on what tires are on there, it might be worth getting something like the "Snow Hog" tires that come on most newer blowers. We went from a ancient 7/24 Sears with those size tires and chains to a 10/28 Craftsman with "Snow Hog" tires at the hotel I used to work for and they were about equal unless you were on ice.

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