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    Default Re: Hot Peanuts

    Our youngest will go through phases of eating boiled peanuts and she can eat a couple cans a thats ours too. Hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds she loves them all. I will have to try the boiled peanuts my website
    Is where I also have spoons listed.

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    Default Re: Hot Peanuts

    Just got back from my local Boiled Peanut vendor in Fort McCoy. They set up by the Kangaroo on Wednesday thru Saturday and sell the Jumbo's in either traditional or Cajun style. Between the wife, kids, and Grandkids, we have gone through 10 pounds this past week I think. These folks do them right..

    Now as far as the canned ones - That's like eating Spam versus a Smithfield Ham..
    Doug P

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    Quote Originally Posted by deepNdirt View Post
    My son and I have been rivals the past several months trying to see who could turn out the best tasting Boiled Peanut, ( Cajun style )
    Not too Hot-n-spicy but yet spicy enough to keep you wanting more, We decide to try boiling our own after having paid 4.00 for the last small bag we got from a local, the price has went up 3 times in this year, started out @ 2.00 then 250 then 3.00 and now 4.00 for the same size serving of ( 1 lb. shared
    between 3 people) We can buy a 10 lb bag of raw from kroger for around 9.00 and serve over 30 people, no extra cost to cook them we have free wood at our disposal, and I grow my own peppers,
    however I do have to purchase the sauce, which is less than 1.00 ..... It takes about 7-8 hours to cook them, depending on their size to get them to the right softness/texture, I use about 1/2 cup sea-salt,
    and 5 large jalapeņo peppers, along with 4 oz bottle of cayenne pepper sauce, I found that we need to not put the sauce and peppers in until the last hour of cooking, If when put in to early the spice from
    the sauce/pepper is evaporated out through the steam,
    and I think is the problem many folks have when trying to prepare Cajun style hot boiled peanuts,
    For many years now I've been trying to get the local guy who boils them to add some spice heat to some of them, although His atempts has failed, believe it is due to him tossing everything in at the
    begining and walking away, coming back only to stir them once and while
    My theory which after several experiment batches and later turned into a fact is to get the nut and it's shell soften so can absorb the added flavor, although the longer you let sit in its brine the more spicy
    the nut will become, so if their good to your taist when through cooking you might want to remove them
    from the brine/water,
    Oh yeah! I think mine turn out better then my sons do, of course I havn't told anyone my recipe but
    I agree with waiting to the last hour. Peanuts really do not start to pick up any flavor until the very end of the boiling.

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