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    Default Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    Bought a 36" Vizio TV over the holidays and got it set up. Didn't bother putting the batteries in the remote and tried to turn it on, THEN discovered that it's got NO FREAKING BUTTONS anywhere on it!!!! You HAVE to have the remote in order to operate it. I've never seen a TV that doesn't have any buttons at all on it but Vizio made one. I've seen them where they don't have a menu button or an input switch, but no On/Off, Channel or Volume controls?!?!? How much can it possibly cost to put a set of controls on it???
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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    My computer monitor has no visible controls or labels, but some small perimeter areas are touch sensitive and you can control it if you know where to put your fingertip.

    Maybe your TV is the same. ???


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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    So Mike, it seems you bought this TV 'sight-unseen' and had it delivered. Is that right? You're only allowed to buy tractors that way.

    What model Vizio? Are they all the same? My Samsung has controls on the bezel, but you have to know where they are and look very closely to see them. I think I've used them twice in two years and wouldn't miss them as long as I can find the remote.

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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    Our Samsung in the living room and the smaller Insignia in the bedroom are both probably the same as Jim's Samsung. And yep, I'd need a flashlight to see and use them, so I don't. But I assumed (always a mistake, huh?) that all the TVs were like that; didn't know any were made without them.

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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    Yeah, we have two Samsungs, and they are the same way.
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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    I have two Vizios. Check on the side just behind the screen on either the right or left side. I have a 60" thats on the right side and 40" that is on the left side.
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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    And I suppose it didn,t come with an owners manual either. ? LOL
    If it did, it might tell you if there are controls on the tv, or not.

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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    Another happy owner of 2 Vizio TV's. One has the controls on the back near the lower left hand corner. The other is a little thicker and controls are on lower right edge. Was into Costco today and took a look at their latest offering. Controls on lower left edge for their 60" model.

    The latest model has the speakers facing the back of the set. Wouldn't like that but then I would not have bought it in the first place.
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    My 36" (maybe one size bigger?) Vizio has the buttons on the back of the left side. I didn't even know until I just now looked. Not a big deal, IMO, if it had none, since I've obviously never used them anyway.

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    Default Re: Cheap A** manufacturers!!!

    Yup back left hand side on mine too...

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